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We believe that the most effective adult education approach is to have those in attendance apply the material to a specific issue they currently face in their job. This course is valuable for anyone who is interested in learning how to use Agile and Kanban to improve their processes, the flow of business and to add value to any organisation.

General Details
  1. General Details

    Leaders start looking at Scrum and Kanban as the main methods in their Agile Transformation. Pure continuous flow Kanban systems work very well when your backlog includes minor enhancements and support related items. There is no need here for strict time-boxes, instead of a regular continuous flow-optimised process for delivering predictable value with no bottlenecks.

    This course will help you understand how Agile, Scrum and Kanban all fit together to deliver value for your organisation!

    Training provides overview of the continuous product and process improvement that can achieve with shorter feedback cycles and constant inspection and adoption run by your people.

    Topics: Agile, Lean, Scrum, Hypotheses, Validation, Experiments, Learning, TDD, Value Stream Mapping, Deterministic, Empirical, Agile manifesto, Backlog, Planning poker, User Story, Spint, Daily Standup, Definition of Done (DoD), Taskboard, Burn Down/Up chart, MVP,

  2. Agenda
    • Product Vision, Business Goals (S.M.A.R.T.), People and skills
      • When working with humans it is important to explain the reason – why we are doing what we do. Well understood Product Vision and specific, measurable, achievable, measurable, relevant, timed goals are easy to discuss, agree and share with your people/stakeholders. If you share the same vision and goals – your people will find the road how to get there.
    • Story Mapping and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
      • One of the main benefits of agile is to deliver value more rapidly and frequently to your customer. The concept of Minimum Viable Product provides an essential tool to effectively decompose customer needs into finer grain features that can be delivered more rapidly than waiting for large scale features to be complete. In this section we will explore:
        • Understanding what is an MVP
        • Learning how it increases the flow of value to your business
        • Decomposing MVP into coarse grain requirements
    • Value Stream Mapping
      • Visualise the flow.
      • What are the bottlenecks in your process?
    • Major Sources of Waste
      • Discovery of classic wastes found in development processes, with an emphasis on:
        • Handovers (Delays, Building the Wrong Thing)
        • Multitasking (Thrashing, Low Productivity)
        • Long release cycles (Low Quality, Slow Time to Market)
    • Setting Up the Kanban Board
    • The benefits realised by Kanban are based on proven concepts used in the manufacturing sector. These concepts measure the throughput of work through a system, whether it is an assembly line or a software team. In this section we cover:
      • Understanding and monitoring Work in Process (WIP)
      • Measuring Lead Time and Cycle Time
      • Creating Continuous Flow Diagrams
      • Setting Up Event Triggers (Definition of Done)
  3. Learning methods

    Practical simulation, Theory lectures, Discussions, cases and stories.

  4. Course structure & Ease of implementation
    50Theory %
    50Active learning %
    50Practical %
  5. About trainer

    Scrum.ee OÜ is offering agile and Scrum consultancy, coaching and training courses since 2008.

    Trainer Alek Kozlov has IT management master degree from Estonian Business School. Alek’s is the Scrum.ee founder, business consultant and coach. Also, he is a trainer at Tallinn Technical University and DevTraining. Alek is one of Agile Estonia co-founders.

    Alek practises incremental and iterative approaches since 2002, Agile and Scrum since 2004, and he is helping other companies to embrace agile mindset and scrum practices since 2009. Alek is Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), ScrumMaster (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO), Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) practitioner, Innovation Games facilitator and passionate product/service designer.

    Alek was first full-time Skype agile coach, with the responsibility to plan, execute and support teams in their Scrum transition. He has been working with Skype, Teleia, Pipedrive, Skeleton Technologies, Insly, Helmes, Tieto Estonia, SMIT, Töötukassa, TTP and many other organisations from the different industries.

  6. Disclaimer

    Price does not include trainer’s travel and accommodation costs. Please contact us for details.

Who should attend

Program/Portfolio Managers
Product Owners

What will I get

Organisations are increasingly moving towards finding ways to the understanding of how to cut waste and improve their processes. More and more companies are looking for Agile and Lean in hope for help. This course will help you understand how Agile, Scrum and Kanban all fit together to deliver value for your organisation!


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