Agile & Scrum


Organisational coaching

Our coach will work with multiple teams and the management to improve the organization and its structure.

Check out on what Coach focuses on

  • Having a clear vision of how an LeSS organization could be
  • Organizational structure and design
  • LeSS
  • Role of management
  • Adoption
  • Target setting
  • Managing an organizational improvement backlog
  • Changing management practices from controlling day-to-day work to building capability
  • Managing work: product backlogs and how the organization manages them
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Human Resource practices such as appraisals and career paths
  • Facilitating organizational release/roadmap planning and retrospectives

Team coaching (or LeSS coaching)

Our coach will work with one or a few teams to improve their team-working and Scrum/LeSS practices. It is common for a coach to take on the Scrum Master role.

Check out on what a team coach typically focuses on

  • Team responsibilities with self-managing teams
  • Facilitation
  • Improving the team’s decision making and conflict resolution
  • Transparency in the team
  • Making organizational impediments visible
  • Improving the relationship between the Team and the Product Owner
  • Product Ownership (of both the team, the PO, and other stakeholders)
  • Role and contribution of the team’s management
  • Improve Scrum practices (and technical practices)
  • Educate and coach the team’s (future) Scrum Master

Leadership coaching

Our coach will work with Executives and Leaders to overcome disorientation and to act as a thinking partner.

Check out on what a coach typically acting for them as

  • A facilitator of their inner process of discovery
  • A disorienting partner, provoking them into new ways of thinking
  • A thinking partner, sharing models, frameworks, concepts and ideas that inform them and expand their ideas
  • A truth-teller, giving them feedback that no one else will
  • A reminder of what they are committed to (even as they want to run away)